Your time is valuable as is ours. Unfortunately due to no shows and last minute cancellations and the impact that this has on our business, we have decided to implement a new booking policy.

Our time like yours is precious and unfortunately when people no show we lose the opportunity to look after someone else. As a small, local business, I'm sure you can appreciate this and we look forward to your support and understanding during this time.

In the next 2 weeks, if you have an appointment, we will be contacting you to obtain your booking deposit. Appointments with a value of under $100 require a 50% deposit. Appointments valued over $100 will require a flat $50 fee. This deposit will sit on your account to either be used against your treatment or can sit on your account as a rolling over deposit fee for future bookings. No shows or cancellations that take place less than 24 hours before your appointment, your booking fee will be charged.

Online bookings automatically take $1.25 booking fee due to our booking system. We will contact you before your appointment to secure the total booking fee required to hold your appointment.

If you are unable to pay your deposit, we will move you into a waitlist until the booking deposit is paid.

Our appointment confirmation system will be changed to 48 hours prior to your appointment, which gives you a full 24 hours to move or change your appointment without losing your booking fee.

We value each and every one of our clients and we look forward to your understanding during this time.